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“Diagnosis of the Month” October 18, 2006

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Head on over to the “Physicians/Researchers Corner” to see our first case study. It was provided to our club president from a physician of internal medicine in Toronto, Canada.

In these MRI images, a tumor that is causing TN is highlighted in red. This central (brain stem) hyperactivity is thought to be the underlying source of trigeminal neuralgia pain.


(Sept. 26th) Introductory Presentation October 1, 2006

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We’ve uploaded the presentation from the first meeting. You can view the PDF here or right click “save as” to download it.

Xbox for Stroke Rehab? October 1, 2006

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This report came out a while back (August 28), from Rutgers where they demonstrate “virtual rehabilitation” using a hacked Xbox and a gaming glove. An Xbox is typically hacked or “modded” by hobbyists to play music, downloaded movies, or “backed up” video games – this is the first application I’ve seen in the medical world.

For example, in an exercise to promote finger flexing speed, a patient wearing a glove tries to make a fist quickly enough to “scare away” a butterfly flitting around on the screen.

So why is this a big deal? Their entire setup cost $600 (did they try Ebay?). Hospitals are using similar systems that cost nearly 10X more. This means that patients can now take the rehab home with them, and through the Xbox’s internet connectivity, they can be monitored by clinicians.


Allen Brain Map September 26, 2006

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Free stuff, great! The Allen Brain Atlas (www.brain-map.org) was just completed today. It’s a free online program that allows scientists to look at a three-dimensional map of gene expression in the mouse brain.

Since humans share more than 90 percent of their genes with mice, the Atlas offers profound opportunity to further understanding of human disorders and diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, schizophrenia, autism and addiction.

I took a few minutes to poke around the atlas and it looks pretty interesting. Click on to read the press release, and more about the atlas.


SIGN Meeting Details September 25, 2006

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We will be holding our first SIGN meeting this semester, here are the details:


Date: Tuesday, September 26th
Time: 5:10pm
Where: Classroom 1

All are invited to attend!

Update September 23, 2006

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Ladies and Gentleman,

The SIGN exec has contacted the appropriate personnel, and hopefully we’re all set to have a general SIGN meeting on Tuesday after school, around 5:00 or so. We’ll be putting up posters to let you know the time and location as well as sending out an email on that day.

Additionally, the cafeteria has allowed us to host a bake sale on Thursday of this week, and we’ll finalize the details at the meeting. The SGA has also asked that we participate in some of their events, and our options are:

Dr. Auction Sept 29

Oct. 20 Casino Night

Nov. 18 Blood Drive

Please also think about the mini-conference that we’re hoping of organizing. With luck, it’ll feature some small lectures in addition to hors d’oeuvers and wine.

Additionally, I would like to proudly present the location of our new club website, thanks to no other than the illustrious Simon Wong and the SIGN exec. It’s still in the construction phase, but we’ll be working to make it a hotspot for information, as well as easy to use.


Thanks again,

SIGN exec


Welcome September 23, 2006

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Dear SIGN Club members,

It’s another new semester and here’s a heads up on some of the plans we hope to put into action.

First of all, the exec have been working on a website that will give newcomers an idea of what we’re about and hopefully feature a Saba student – doctor/resident forum that will provide information for students about case scenarios and the two years following Saba. With luck, you’ll be able to talk with physicians in or passing through major centers.

Additionally, we’re hoping to schedule an information session with Dr. Keller concerning the possibilities in Neuroscience and Neurology, as well as create a small conference later in the semester here on the island where students in every semester can meet with some or all of the professors (hopefully our largest and most successful event). Of course, we are waiting for a general SIGN club meeting to iron out the final details (this is where you guys have your say and volunteer!).

However, before we have our first meeting (which should be in about a week and a half – food and refreshments provided), we’re hoping to have a bake sale to raise some money. So once that’s been passed by the appropriate
authorities, some of the exec will be asking you to help out in this effort, which hopefully will occur next Wednesday, September 20th.

Last but certainly not least, we’ll more than likely be helping out with other SGA activities and hopefully have some liasons with other clubs before we take our Christmas break.

Ok! That’s it for now, and we’ll keep you posted.

The SIGN Exec.